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Water Softener System Installation

Water softeners are delicate systems and should be installed by professionals. We offer expert installation and work with you to ensure you are happy with your new water softening system.

Water Softener System Repair

If your water doesn’t taste, feel, or look right, you may need a repair to your water softener system. Professional repairs are what we do, and we’d be happy to make sure your water softener system is running the way it should be.

Water Softening Education

We don’t want you to just know that you have a water softening system. We want you to know what it’s doing for you. We take the time to educate our clients so they have the knowledge of making sure their water is always clean.

Money-Saving Solutions

Over the years, your water softener is going to save you money. Fewer plumbing repairs are needed when the water running through your pipes is clean. Installing a quality water softener is going to help save you in the long run.

The Importance of a Water Softening System

Residents and businesses are all seeking a clean drinking water solution in San Antonio, Texas. Water Softener Land is here to provide the best in water treatments. City water treatment facilities are dedicated to providing safe water for the city; however, city standards don’t always measure up to our own. Clean and pure water takes the attention and care of a professional. While being deemed safe, city water still contains impurities and contaminates. These contaminates and impurities cause our skin and hair to feel dry and give the water an unpleasant smell and taste. Because of this, most homes and businesses are turning to professional water treatment installation. Everyone wants great, clean water, and we want to help deliver that to you.

Hard Water vs. Soft Water

Unfortunately, you can’t tell the difference between hard water and soft water by looking at it. The difference comes down to the minerals in each. Hard water has a higher concentration calcium and magnesium. Soft water has tends to have higher concentrations of sodium.
Soft Water Hard Water
Healthy lather when washing hands, body, clothing, dishes, etc. Filmy feeling on hands caused by soap reacting with calcium to form soap scum.
Cleaner clothing. No mineral staining and less wear and tear due to fewer washing cycles. Clothing may show signs of mineral staining from washing. Clothing also wears out faster from harshness of harder water.
Healthier water pressure in your home due to lack of mineral build-up in pipes. Water pressure can be reduced over time as mineral deposits collect in pipes shrinking interior diameter for water flow.
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